Moksha Innovision

Moksha Innovision

The Annual Cultural Fest of NSUT.


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My Experience Building the Moksha Innovision Website

Hey there, I'm Anit Jha, and I recently had the opportunity to work on something pretty exciting - the website for Moksha Innovision, the annual fest of NSUT Delhi. It was a fantastic experience, and I'd love to share a bit about it.

The Numbers Don't Lie

First things first, let's talk about the numbers. Last year, in 2023, Moksha Innovision attracted a whopping 80,000 attendees. Yes, you read that right! It's a massive event, and I was thrilled to be a part of it.

The Tech Stack

Now, let's dive into the technical side of things. The website I built for Moksha Innovision was a mix of cutting-edge technologies. We used:

  • Three.js: This JavaScript library allowed us to create stunning 3D effects and animations on the website.

  • TypeScript: For that extra layer of type safety and code quality.

  • Next.js: A React framework that made building a fast and efficient website a breeze.

  • Supabase: To handle the backend and database needs.

  • Authentication Role-Based: Ensuring that only authorized users can access certain parts of the website.

The Functionalities

The website wasn't just a pretty face; it had some powerful features too. We designed it with both event managers and attendees in mind:

Event Managers

  • They could easily create events, complete with registration forms for participants.

  • A dashboard allowed them to keep tabs on who had registered for their events.


  • Participants could see which events they were a part of and who their team members were.

The Aesthetics

The theme we went for was a blend of traditional and modern, with captivating mandala effects sprinkled throughout the website. It gave the site a unique and eye-catching look that matched the spirit of Moksha Innovision.

Spotlight on Pages

Let's take a visual tour of some of the key pages:

Events Page

This page served as the heart of the website, showcasing all the fantastic events happening during Moksha Innovision.

Legacy Page

A tribute to the festival's history and past glories.

Contact Page

A place to get in touch with the organizers for queries and information.

Login Page

Where users could access their accounts, and event managers could log in to manage their events

In Conclusion

Building the Moksha Innovision website was an incredible experience, and I'm proud of what our team achieved. It's a testament to the power of technology in bringing people together and making large-scale events like this possible.

I hope you enjoyed this brief journey through my work on the Moksha Innovision website. If you were a part of the fest last year, I hope you had a great time navigating the website, and if you're reading this in preparation for the next Moksha Innovision, get ready for an amazing experience!