The ChessMaster

The ChessMaster

A Realtime chess game.


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Hey, I'm Anit Jha, and I want to introduce you to The ChessMaster, an exhilarating real-time chess game that's taking the online gaming world by storm!


The ChessMaster offers you a unique chess gaming experience. After creating an account, you'll be directed to your personalized dashboard, where you can view your gaming history and set up new game rooms to challenge your friends.

Real-Time Chess Fun

  • Create an Account: Start by creating your personalized gaming account.
  • Dashboard Delight: Your dashboard lets you relive your past games and launch new ones.
  • Invite Your Friends: Challenge your friends by creating game rooms and inviting them to join.
  • Spectator Thrills: The first friend to join becomes your opponent, while others can watch as spectators. It's like having your own live audience!

Tech Stack

Wondering how we make this magic happen? Here's the tech stack that powers The ChessMaster:

  • Typescript: We use Typescript for smooth and robust development.
  • Websockets: Real-time gaming wouldn't be possible without websockets, keeping you connected and engaged.
  • chess.js: Chess logic is powered by chess.js, ensuring fair and exciting gameplay.
  • Supabase: Our real-time database solution ensures that your gaming experience is seamless.
  • Tailwind CSS: For a sleek and stylish look, we've used Tailwind CSS to make everything visually appealing.

With this tech stack, we've crafted an incredible gaming experience for chess enthusiasts like you!

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of real-time chess with The ChessMaster and become a chess legend!

Author: Anit Jha